Acorn of Aneush -

Awards Won:
Rockstar Leeds Award for Best Team - 1st Prize
Revolution Software Award for Game Design - 1st Prize
Sumo Digital Award for Game Technology - 1st Prize

Acorn of Aneush is a casual/strategy game for Windows Phone 7.

My responsibilities:
I was responsible for the main menus and the title screen artwork which went
through many revisions. I was also responsible for other graphics and the last
minute polish of the game.

I also designed the logo for the game! (It's up there)

I produced sketches, constructed layouts and, using Corel Painter and
Photoshop, painted and produced all of the buttons and a few other game
assets (such as the progress bar)

This project was awarded an A Grade in my Final University project
for "Team Project" which involved working with a group of people to, initially,
produce just a prototype. But instead, we pushed out a full game by
the end of the term.

This was my first game release. I'm really happy that we managed to put
something out there for people to play.

Feel free to download it and play. It's free to download on
Android Devices (Soon) and Windows Phone 7!